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Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer

Who is Cesar Millan?

Ceasar Millan Dog Whisperer Collar and Walking Belt

Cesar Millan, dog whisperer, is a professional dog trainer and dog psychologist (the Dr. Phil for dogs!). In his words, he "rehabilitates dogs and trains people".

He is best known for his television series, Dog Whisperer, on the National Geographic Channel, and he is also the co-author of the best selling books, Be the Pack Leader, and Cesar’s Way — The #1 New York Times Bestseller (Hardcover)Cesar Millan dog whisperer

Cesar Millan is originally from Mexico and he came to the United States in the 1990s. He believes that a dog that does not trust his owner to be a good pack leader is likely to become unbalanced and frequently displays undesirable or anti-social behaviors.

Recognizing that he has a unique ability to communicate with dogs in a humane and effective way, he decided to share his knowledge with as many dog owners as possible.

Cesar is a New York Times bestselling author and the star of National Geographic's Wild’s Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. He is considered to be the definitive authority in offering dog behavior advice to dog owners worldwide.

Cesar’s experience in dog training and rehabilitation gives him the unique ability to develop and offer products and services specific to his proven approach and methods, helping dog owners around the globe become the Pack Leader and build more fulfilling relationships with their dogs.

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What is Dog Whispering?

Dog Whispering is a unique method of communication involving techniques designed to understand the behaviour and psychology of your dog through interpretation of his body language, and responding to your dog with calm and firm direction. The dog owner or trainer also communicates with the dog using actions and body language.

Dog whispering is a calm, yet firm way of training dogs, which is natural for dogs given their social nature and pack instincts. Dog whispering in a training context is motivational, non-violent and based on repetition and positive reinforcement. It is believed that a confident dog owner who asserts himself as pack leader, and is able to physically guide his dog, tends to be most successful using this approach.

The benefits of dog whispering can be an obedient and happy pet. In order for this technique to work, it is vital for the dog owner to establish himself as the leader and to be calm yet firm. Dog whispering will ultimately create a special bond between you, the owner/trainer, and your dog. Dog whispering techniques can be used for common dog training issues such as separation anxiety, barking, potty training, house training, and crate training.

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