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Clicker Dog Training

Clicker dog trainingNo matter what type of dog you have, clicker dog training is amongst the most effective and outstanding techniques for dictating and controlling a dog’s behavior when teaching him basic commands. It takes hardly any time at all to learn clicker training and with a well operated clicker, you are able to train your dog to do almost anything.

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How Clicker Training Works

The concept behind clicker training is that you are training your dog to connect the sound of the clicker – a strong, sharp sound that they'll be able to hear from 20 yards away - with a particular command from you. The aim of the training is to mark specific desired behavior and then reward it with the sound of the clicker.

Obviously clicker training doesn't begin with a clicker. You have to initially teach your dog that the clicker is a reward for good behavior. You can do this using a bag of treats along with a basic, two dollar clicker from your local pet store.

It is essential that you utilize a clicker in this situation for several reasons. To begin with, a dog will never hear the clicker for any reason except to let him know he did a great job and that a treat is on its way. A word or spoken command may be given in a variety of situations and so the connection in your dog's head is not quite as strong because of it.

Check out this video - it's incredible what this dog has been taught to do using clicker training!


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How Clicker Dog Training is Carried Out

When you begin training your dog to react to a clicker, there are three simple steps. Initially, you're going to get the behavior – persuading your dog to do something you would like. It might be sitting, speaking, rolling over, or any other tricks you are trying to teach. As soon as you have got your dog to perform the desired behavior, mark it with the clicker along with a reward.

It typically only requires two or three markings before a dog understands what the behavior he did was and begins to repeat it when you use the clicker. Clicker training is highly effective as dogs will instantly respond, letting you reward them and instill it in their minds right away. A verbal command will take time to get through.

After your dog has carried out the behavior and received his reward, keep on doing it to reinforce the behavior as much as you possibly can. You don't have to use treats each time. Praise and petting work equally well and can subsequently replace the behavior.

Transitioning to a Command

As soon as your dog has learned the behavior very well, clicker dog training will have you transition to a verbal command that you can use any place, even if you do not have a clicker. Each time you are going to use the clicker, say the command and after that click, followed by the reward. The dog will soon learn to associate all three.

Gradually, with good clicker training, your dog will respond to a verbal cue and praise for his actions after which he will just learn it. The requirement for treats or praise will go away and the dog will simply realize that the action is very pleasing to you.

As you can imagine, clicker dog training has numerous applications. It is able to make dog training a much easier task in many different ways. Using a simple, sharp command, you'll be able to mark and reinforce almost any behavior.

Good luck with training your dog!

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