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Complete DIY Dog Training Package

Reviewer: Sandra Scott
Rating: DIY dog training
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I have no doubt that anyone who buys the Complete D.I.Y. Dog Training Package will find just what they need in this comprehensive program.

The 162-page guide, written by Sharda Baker, is in both e-book and audio formats. This is the second edition, the first version having been released four years ago. Sharda has tracked the results of her first dog training package and has used this additional information to make the new edition even better.

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What is Covered?

The Complete D.I.Y. Dog Training Package includes potty training, crate training, barking, chewing, handling aggression, separation anxiety, walking on a leash, basic and advanced obedience training (e.g., come, sit, stand and heel, drop, rollover and fetch).

It also covers training equipment needs, all about dog psychology, how to handle a jumping dog, and how to choose the best dog for your family. This jam-packed guide covers everything a dog owner will need to know for understanding and training puppies and adult dogs.

The e-book is well organized and laid out so you can easily find the information you need. Also, the language used in this easy step-by-step course is very straight forward and easy to understand. It has clear explanations and plenty of pictures.

What I Particularly Liked

I particularly liked the in-depth section on puppy development stages and socialization, which seems to be unique to this course. It tells dog owners what to expect from their puppy from the neonatal period right through to maturity.

As an added bonus, the entire e-book has been recorded by a professional speaker. This high quality audio can be downloaded and played on an MP3 player or computer, or listened to while traveling in your car. I've listened to the audios and am very impressed with their quality.


  • Potty Training in 7 Days (e-book & audio)
  • The Barking Buster Guide (e-book & audio)
  • Vet Health Tips Interview (audio)
  • Managing Eating Problems (ebook)
  • 101 Healthy Homemade Dog Recipes
  • Private E-mail Consultation

My Conclusions

I’m very impressed with the level of detail and vast number of topics covered in this guide. It is excellent value for money, ranging in price from $27.97 to $57.95 (depending on which of the three package options you select). There is a 60 day 100% refund guarantee – if you request a refund, you can still keep the entire package for free!

In a nutshell, I strongly recommend the Complete D.I.Y. Dog Training Package to all dog owners.

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