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Boxer Puppy Training

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The AKC ranks Boxers as one of the top ten pedigree dogs. Boxers are wonderful dogs but they need plenty of love and attention. It is for this reason that they are sometimes considered to be high maintenance dogs.

Your Boxer will love to do things with you, especially when you shower him with love and play with him. He will also enjoy Boxer puppy training sessions, as he'll get to spend time with you.

Boxers are fairly large dogs so you can anticipate that you will be shopping for dog food and treats more often than you would for a smaller breed. You will also need to consider expenses such as toys, dog grooming, vet costs, and, of course, obedience training for your Boxer puppy.

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Boxers are very intelligent dogs and learn quickly. Due to their playful nature, they can be naughty if they don't receive the proper Boxer puppy training early in their life. They crave attention and love to be babied. If you let him, your Boxer can definitely be man's best friend. Of course, each Boxer has his own unique personality traits.

If you and your family are away from your home for extended periods of time, a Boxer puppy is probably not the dog for you. If you plan on keeping your dog chained up even when you are at home, you should not consider adopting a Boxer.

Your Boxer needs plenty of love and affection but he also needs to be happy and involved. A lonely and bored Boxer can be extremely destructive. Make sure that your Boxer has plenty of space to move around in when he is left alone. Being kept in a small room will not make for a happy Boxer. Dog proofing your home may be necessary. It would also be helpful to have a large backyard in which he can roam. Boxers love to play so you should provide plenty of toys.

Before you adopt a Boxer puppy, you should delve into the dog's bloodline and, if possible, take a look at his parents. Boxers have a tendency for hyperactivity and both aggression and shyness. If the dog's parents have been over bred or were not a good match, it is possible that you may have future problems with your Boxer. Observing the parents of your Boxer may provide you with some idea of what to expect from your dog.

Boxer puppy training may be difficult as they are such energetic dogs. Make sure your dog is socialized as a puppy. Before you start your training session, you should take time to play with your dog or take him for a short walk. Your puppy will be more co-operative if he has got rid of some of his excess energy.

In addition, you should eliminate as many distractions as possible for your Boxer puppy training session. Group obedience training classes are a less than ideal environment for Boxers.

You may feel that Boxers are hard work but they aren't once the appropriate puppy training has been undertaken. Boxer puppy training will reduce most of your dog's impulsive behavior. They are wonderful and extremely loyal family pets.

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