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Mastiff Training

 Mastiff training
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Would you like a big dog? Then the Mastiff is perfect for you. However, without having good training, your Mastiff is likely to be a massive, runaway wall of muscle and dog slobber. Therefore, Mastiff training ought to be your main priority when you first bring your puppy home.

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Fortunately, Mastiffs, like a lot of large dogs, are extremely predisposed towards training and are keen to please their owners. Nevertheless, the training has to start early and you will need to stay consistent during the training process to make sure they do not try to take advantage of you.

What Makes Mastiffs Different

Mastiff training is distinct in several important ways. To begin with, understand that Mastiffs are usually very calm, relaxed dogs. However they require a great deal of exercise. Not only do they require plenty of exercise, they also need it on a regular basis, even when they do not appear to be interested in going for a walk. They will not jog or run very much, so you will need to have a good deal of time to keep them exercised.

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They also need to have constant, regular companionship in order to stay even-tempered as they grow older. All the Mastiff training in the world is a waste of time if you are hardly ever home and they get anxious. In fact, they require more socialization more often than the majority of other dog breeds, both with people and other dogs.

Lastly, make certain you are patient and have a good deal of time. Mastiffs want to please you but they can be somewhat stubborn and they are huge, so training will certainly not be a breeze.

Mastiff Training Fundamentals

To begin your training, ensure that your Mastiff puppy remains with his mother until at least eight weeks of age. With a dog so large and such a carefully balanced temperament, it is essential to make certain he receives the socialization that a litter offers at a young age.

As he grows older, you must maintain that socialization. Somebody will need to be home with the Mastiff puppy each day until at least three months of age and during this time they should be socialized with other dogs as much as possible.

Resist the urge to train your Mastiff to be a guard dog. Their temperament is not easily managed if they begin learning to watch for threats. Their ample size ought to be sufficient to frighten possible intruders and they will be protective if required.

Mastiff Training for Obedience

Obedience training with a Mastiff is easy enough. It begins at a young age, generally around 10-14 weeks once the puppy has been housebroken and understands its position in the home. Due to the sheer size of these dogs and the danger of such a large dog as it matures, you should never be violent or aggressive with a Mastiff (or any dog, for that matter).

Since most Mastiffs will not be performing many tricks and are fairly relaxed, the most critical things you can teach them are to sit and stay as well as to walk on a leash. It is also an excellent idea to train them not to run after things as it can be difficult to keep such a huge dog in check.

With Mastiff training, basic training techniques work quite well, but might need a little bit more practice and patience from you to enforce them. Make sure you constantly keep your Mastiff socialized with a large family, neighbors or at your local dog park. This will ensure that you have a happy and well-behaved dog.

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