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Poodle Biting

Poodle biting

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Poodle biting is an extremely frequent problem for owners of these cute and curly little dogs. The main problem is that many Poodle owners allow the behavior to develop and carry on while the dogs are puppies and they're still cute. A tiny little poodle with bows in her hair is incredibly cute but she sooner or later grows up into a bigger dog with larger teeth that will still bite indiscriminately.

What Causes Poodle Biting?

There is a widespread belief that Poodles bite more frequently than any other dog breed, with toy Poodles biting even more frequently than standards. In reality, Poodles that are properly trained will most likely not bite at all with only a marginally higher occurrence rate than other dogs.

The reason behind that somewhat higher rate is normally associated with their nature – a Poodle is not bred to do anything else besides be a pet. However, Poodles are thought to be one of the smartest dog breeds around (right after the Bollie Collie). Combine intellect with an absence of any strong instincts, and Poodles can become stubborn and unresponsive to basic commands when they are not appropriately controlled.

How to Stop Poodle Biting

Fortunately, since poodles are so intelligent, they can be highly trained and learn that biting is not acceptable behavior. To begin with, make certain your Poodle is adequately socialized as a puppy. A puppy should never be taken away from her mother before eight weeks of age. This ensures that she is given the necessary amount of time to learn not to bite and to gain control of her need to exhibit dominant behavior.

After eight weeks, the dog ought to be socialized with you and your family as well as with other puppies. Attend puppy day cares, bite aversion classes, and make sure you're extremely calm and welcoming to the dog. Poodle puppies must not be scolded as they are too young to know better and early aggression from you can cause long-term behavior issues.

If you have a Poodle biting issue with a puppy, you must not allow it to continue. Give a toy anytime the puppy bites and make soft whimpering noises to let your puppy know that the bite hurt you. This is the way other puppies would display the same behavior.

Poodle Biting in Older Dogs

If your Poodle is older but still nips or even bites people, you need to ensure that you've got complete control of your dog. To begin with, you should always be the alpha leader. Manage feeding times, walking times, and train your dog in some basic commands. Never back down from your dog and do not waiver on your commands. In addition, stay away from any games such as tug of war, wrestling, or chasing that may result in biting. This is likely to make the behavior into a game that grabs attention.

If your Poodle displays aggressive behaviors or fear and anxiety related tendencies, take her to an obedience class where she can socialize with other dogs and be compelled, within a controlled setting, to deal with her aggression problems.

In case your Poodle biting issue continues and becomes more dangerous, think of engaging an expert or maybe going to your veterinarian to eliminate any possible medical causes for her biting.

Whatever you do, you must understand that biting from your Poodle is never acceptable. Even with a Toy Poodle, it is an indicator of larger behavior issues beneath the surface that must be addressed right away.

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