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Training a Border Collie

training a border collieBorder Collies are highly intelligent and love to receive praise so you will discover that they can be trained extremely quickly with proper training. Training a Border Collie is essential; if you don't then the dog will ultimately take control.

Rated among the most intelligent dogs, the Border Collie is a high energy breed that is used to herd livestock on farms and has also become a popular companion dog.

With their working legacy, they are an extremely demanding, energetic pet, more suited to homes that can provide them with lots of play with humans or other dogs. As with any herding breed and the majority of the working dogs, it is vital for them to feel that they have got a purpose in life and something to do.

The Border Collie is a medium-sized dog, measuring 19 to 22 inches at the withers for dogs, and 18 to 21 inches for bitches. They are active dogs that ought to be in a home which has a backyard. A fast walk around the block is nowhere near enough for these dogs.

While black and white is probably the most well-known color, brindled and tri-colored dogs with tan, yellow, sable, grey, chocolate, red and blue patches may also be seen.

Border Collies are among the top trainable dogs that are able to perform in a number of activities such as obedience and Frisbee. These dogs shine at Agility and Fly ball; in fact, they are generally in the leading positions in competition. They are also wonderful family dogs and affectionate with people close to them.

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Training a Border Collie is a significant commitment, needing daily sessions up to one hour in length, however, this can be extremely enjoyable as they learn rapidly and are very keen to please. Border Collies need a lot of daily exercise and mental stimulation.

The real key to successfully training a Border Collie is to keep them interested. As with other dogs, using rewards in training Border Collies is much more effective than punishment-based training. But, of course, training a Border Collie to become an all-rounded dog will still require patience and consistency.

If you wish to have this dog as a pet, it is strongly recommended that you give him plenty of physical exercise to ensure that his energy will be used up somewhere.

Because of the Border Collie’s high intelligence, they can be trained quickly in comparison to other dog breeds. Border Collies are one of the top rated breeds of working dogs around. They are highly active dogs and they can work relentlessly.

Whilst their intelligence makes this dog breed extremely trainable, training them could be a challenge for a first time dog owner as these dogs are especially receptive and are constantly thinking.