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How to Train a Pitbull

Train a Pitbull

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Pitbulls are frequently misunderstood. Although some unscrupulous people choose to train a pitbull to fight, there are also many dog owners with a good-natured dog that just needs good obedience training.

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Pitbulls are tenacious fighters and can be more of a threat to other dogs than to humans. However, with proper socialization and effective training, they can be sweet-natured, gentle, and playful family pets.

Small children should never be left unsupervised with a pitbull (or any dog). Make sure children that interact with your pitbull understand how to treat him. They need to be made aware of the need to respect your dog, his space, toys, food, water, or his special bed.

Before you consider training a pitbull, you must research the breed to make sure that you are capable of handling this dog breed. Pitbulls require constant love and attention as well as obedience training in order for them to be a wonderful pet. Training a pitbull is helped by the fact that they are highly intelligent and will quickly grasp anything they are taught.

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It can be a trying experience to train a pitbull as they can be extremely stubborn. They have a definite mind of their own and it will sometimes to difficult to keep them focused on the task. Patience is a key factor in obedience training. If you become annoyed and frustrated with your dog, the problems with pitbull training will be compounded.

Training a pitbull as a puppy will make obedience training easier. The best time to start to train a pitbull puppy is at 8-10 weeks of age, once he has been fully weaned. No matter when you start training your dog, your training sessions will be more likely to be successful if you build in fun and games. Most importantly, you should remain positive and focused on the goal of an obedient and loving dog.

Socializing your pitbull with other people and dogs is a vital component of your training sessions. Social skills are also important for dogs. A pitbull that interacts with others as a puppy will be less inclined to be aggressive. Group obedience classes are a good opportunity for socialization with dogs and people.

As with teenagers, your pitbull will attempt to test his boundaries a few weeks into the training sessions. He will push the limits to find out how much he can get away with. This normally happens at around 12 to 17 weeks of age. This is also when he may nibble or nip you while you are playing with him. You must stop this nipping behavior immediately! By asserting your dominance over him, your pitbull will respect you as the alpha in the household.

If you train a pitbull correctly, you will ensure that your dog is a loving and loyal member of your family. For this reason, it is important that he is given the necessary obedience training. Pitbulls are social animals and receive plenty of attention. Obedience training will give you a well-behaved and energetic dog. Never forget that pitbulls have strong personalities so you will need to be assertive and consistent. Your reward will be a wonderful family pet.

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