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Dog Health Problems

dog health problemsEvery dog owner NEEDS to have at least one good reference guide to their dog's health. If you haven't got one already, make sure you get one now. The guide that I recommend is:

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In terms of dog health problems, there are several possible health conditions that may catch you and your puppy off guard. The results can be both emotionally devastating and costly if they're not addressed immediately and effectively. Rather than responding to possible health issues as they appear, find out what you can do to prevent them first of all and keep your dog happy and healthy.

Possible Dog Health Issues

Dogs can have problems with a variety of health problems, just like people. The main difference is that dogs can't let you know that they have a stomach ache”. They will frequently suffer in silence right up until there is a very serious pain that must be treated. Therefore, it is vital that you recognize the signs and symptoms and the measures you can take to prevent these problems before they start.

Infections – Dogs can suffer from several potential infections, in their ears, on their skin, in their eyes as well as their teeth. Ear infections are the most frequent and are generally as a result of a foreign body or bacteria getting in there. Examine your dog’s ears often for red spots, inflammation, excess moisture, or dirt. Of all dog health problems, infections are the easiest to avoid. Clean your dog’s eyes, brush his teeth and brush his hair on a regular basis in order to avoid any possible bacteria build up.

Allergies – Dogs have many kinds of allergies. Probably the most common is a flea allergy that can result in hot spots and cause infections. Be sure you get flea medication for your dog each month and have a veterinarian examine him often to make sure he is in good health. Furthermore, if your dog's skin problems result in ear infections or other hot spots, it might be a food allergy – a more serious problem that needs to be addressed by a vet.

Diabetes – Dog health problems have a tendency to mirror human issues in several ways and diabetes is one such potential illness. Excessive rich, fatty and sugary foods can lead to pancreatic problems that cause diabetes. To prevent diabetes, keep your dog on a rigid diet of dog foods with minimal table scraps or excess meals. If your dog does indeed have diabetes, it's important to visit a veterinarian frequently and you might need to administer regular shots.

Arthritis and Dysplasia – Certain dogs are especially prone to joint issues. Pure breds particularly have a long history of arthritic dog health problems because of their longer, narrower joints. Make certain your dog gets the necessary minerals and vitamins he needs every day and that your veterinarian inspects the joints for degeneration at least once a year.

Obesity – Obesity is among the most common and deadly dog health problems and it is directly brought on by eating an excessive amount and not getting enough exercise. Obesity by itself does not result in mortality, however the increased rates of heart failure, tumors, liver disease, and skin problems are all really dangerous if not treated right away. Obesity is treatable with a careful diet and keen eye to a dog’s activity levels.

If your dog gets lots of exercise, eats well each day, and you ensure that he stays clean and well groomed, a great number of dog health problems should never be an issue. Even so, you need to ensure that you go to your vet every year to check for any possible issues. The sooner you discover a disease, the better it can be remedied.

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