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Reviewer: Sandra Scott
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Dr Dog If you're looking for a quick fix for your dog behavior problems, you won't find it in Dr. Dog's Fast, Easy, Fun Behavior Solutions e-book - there's no squirting with water, jerking or using the latest fad techniques.

If you would like to invest the necessary amount of time and energy into understanding why your dog is misbehaving, what you might be doing to contribute to it and how to resolve it, this ebook is for you. Dr. Fetko’s main focus is on "talking dog" - learning how to communicate what you want to your dog and motivating him to do it.

In addition to covering behavior problems such as barking, chewing, digging, pulling, jumping, etc., Dr. Fetko ("Dr. Dog") covers puppy training including housetraining and leash training. Not one to mince his words, Dr. Fetko’s strong opinions and unique style and wit add spice to the reading.

Dr. Fetko’s methods are quick and easy...and actually fun!

You can quickly and easily train your dog to… 

  • Walk with a loose leash,    
  • Bark only to warn you and stop when you say, “Quiet!”    
  • Stop chewing up the couch,    
  • Greet you and visitors without jumping,    
  • Eliminate OUTSIDE in a place you designate and even   eliminate ON COMMAND!    
  • Housetrain your puppy in as little as three days,  and much more…     

So, who is Dr. Dennis Fetko, “Dr. Dog” and why should you listen to him? He is a man the experts turn to when they need an expert. For example: 

  • He was chosen by television’s 20/20 program as their expert in animal behavior to appear on a segment about animal collector syndrome.   
  • Municipal and private agencies in 42 states and six countries use Dr. Fetko’s Field Officer Bite Safety Program as their dog bite prevention bible.  
  • After hearing many behaviorists, the American Animal Protection Institute invited Dr. Fetko to join their Advisory  Council as their behaviorist.   
  • Dr. Fetko has taught Animal Behavior at the National Animal Control Associations official NACA 100 Academy since its inception.   
  • Dr. Fetko spent several months in Saudi Arabia managing a  project to reintroduce captive-bred Arabian Oryx into the  Saudi Arabian National Wildlife Research Center after a recommendation from the Zoological Society of San Diego.   
  • “Talkin’ Animals with Dr. Dog”, Dr. Fetko’s radio talk show on 760-KFMB in San Diego, is that station’s longest-running show ever (over ten years).   

I've reviewed a copy of Dr. Dog's e-book and I must say that I'm impressed with his common sense approach, understanding of what makes dogs behave the way they do, and what dog owners can do to solve their dog behavior problems, The comprehensive guide is broken up into bite-sized chunks which makes it a fast, easy and fun read. 

I give Dr Dog's e-book a definite thumbs up!

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