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What is paper training?

How to paper trainPaper training is a particular type of house training for your dog: you are teaching her exactly where inside your home it is acceptable for her to relieve herself (urinate or poop). When you paper train your pet, you train her to only relieve herself on newspapers (picked for their absorbency, easy availability, and low cost) that you collect and discard after each use.

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What choices besides paper training do I have with regard to my dog’s potty training?

There are two methods for successfully, efficiently, and quickly house training dogs. Paper training is one; the other is something known as crate training.

Crate training is founded on a dog’s fundamental dislike of soiling where she sleeps, and entails limiting the dog’s movement (by placing her in a crate, or small indoor kennel) when she can't be watched closely.

What is the difference between crate training and paper training?

Paper training and crate training are not the same thing. Crate training is where you teach your dog to only go potty outside; paper training is where you teach your dog to only go potty on newspapers.

You cannot train your pet to do both simultaneously - the two are mutually exclusive. Your dog will become confused, and you will only lengthen the training process.

You can opt for paper training as an intermediary step to your dog eventually only relieving herself outdoors (but not everyone recommends this: it is a lot easier on the dog, and much more effective all round, to select one technique and stay with it.)

Why should I pick paper training rather than crate training?

Crate training and paper training are both good ways for house training dogs.

Generally, it is recognized (by the majority of dog trainers and veterinarians) that crate training is the fastest way of house training your dog; however it requires a substantial investment of time and effort, which is not an option for everybody.

Paper training is the best choice for you if:

  • You don’t have easy access to a backyard (for instance, you live in a hi-rise condo)

  • It isn't easy for you to take your dog outside for any other reason (for example, elderly or ill people)

  • You have a full-time job, or other time-consuming commitment which cannot be got around (which means that you are unable to invest the huge amounts of your time supervising your dog that crate training requires)

  • You intend to train your dog to go outside the house at some point, although not just yet (for instance, it is the dead of winter with four-foot snow drifts outdoors)

Crate training is the best choice for you if:

  • You have a medium to large dog

  • You can spend considerable time during your puppy’s first weeks of potty training in actively supervising her, and are available throughout the day to let her out of the crate at two- or three-hour intervals

  • You wish to train your dog to go outside the house straight away

Paper training is not suited to all dogs: it really only works for small males and small-to-medium females, because a dog larger than these just generates too much waste for the newspaper (and you!) to handle.

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To learn more about how to paper train your puppy, see How to Paper Train Your Puppy (page 2).

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