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Older Dog House Training

Potty training is not only for young puppies. Some older dogs that might have been outdoor dogs or were never properly housetrained will require some special considerations. Older dog house training will take a bit more time if the dog has been outdoors or has previously been permitted to relieve himself indoors.

You can make use of a crate for older dog house training or utilize command training. Always keep in mind that older dogs have already developed a personality and, not unlike people, they can be stubborn when it comes to change.

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Take things slowly and dedicate time to your dog so he understands that you are in control. Because older dogs are able to go for lengthier periods without relieving themselves, the command method can be used for older dog house training.

After your dog has eaten, you can anticipate that within an hour he will need to go potty. This is not generally the case for drinking water. The majority of dogs will be able to drink water and not need to use the potty for a while. You will have to get to know your particular dog's routine. This usually means that you will spend some time outdoors until you understand when your dog has to go.

You can reckon that your dog ought to go outside every hour for the first few days. If you tell the dog to go potty, he should catch on quite quickly. Give this command as he is going and after that praise him and give him a treat. He will quickly connect praise and a treat with going potty. If your dog goes potty inside the house, you should not yell or punish the dog. You will need to tell him "no" and take him outdoors and tell him to go potty.

What you should do until eventually an older dog or even a puppy learns that he should go potty outside is not play with him outside. Your dog will have to learn that the purpose for him being outside is to relieve himself. Once he learns this, then you can offer to play when he has finished going to the potty. In a few instances, you may want to put your dog on a leash in the backyard and leave him for approximately 15 to 30 minutes. This can be helpful for dogs that have been treated poorly for going to the bathroom in front of people.

Even though your older dog is not housetrained, you can certainly change this around with a bit of work. The best way to be successful with older dog house training is to do it on a weekend when you can be home all the time to work with your dog. You will need to reinforce good behavior, which really should be done within the first few days of bringing the dog into the house.

You will find that regardless of whether you crate train or command train an older dog, he will be swift to learn and eager to please you if you treat him with love and provide praise and treats for performing properly.

Even the worst dog can end up being transformed with love and training.

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