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Remote Collar Dog Training

Remote collar dog trainingIf you are contemplating using a remote collar dog training system, I strongly recommend that you take a look at the collar training section in the top selling dog training guide, Secrets to Dog Training.

As a starting point, you should also read these basic principles. If you bear them in mind, your training session will be both fun and successful.

  • It is important for your dog to be willing to obey your commands. Rather than being used for punishment, the remote collar training tool should be used for avoidance guidance.

  • Your dog should feel that the training atmosphere is one of fun. He should not associate remote collar training with something he dislikes.

    First of all, you should put the collar on your dog without activating it. You should then spend some time tussling and playing with your dog. This will put your dog in a happy frame of mind and the electronic collar will have a positive association for him.

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Remote Collar Dog Training

  • Remote collar training sessions should be kept short with plenty of love and approval when your dog performs the desired behavior. When positive improvement has been observed, the session should be stopped and you should take a break.

    Not only does this allow your dog to wind down from the training session, but it will also give him the confidence in his ability to master the training.

  • Your dog should have learned the commands before the collar is activated. He should have a solid understanding of the command before you begin remote collar training. 

  • Provide your dog with instruction before you start remote collar dog training. Showing your dog the correct way to behave will help with the training. It will take several attempts before your dog will fully understand what is required of him with a command.

    He should be given a solid understanding of how he should act before the collar is turned on. This way, it is highly likely that a minimal amount of time will have to spent using remote collar dog training for each command.

  • Determine the level of shock the electronic collar emits. Each dog is unique so their levels of sensitivity will be very different. Your dog will lose his focus if the shock level is set too high. If the setting is too low, it will be more of an annoyance like a jumping flea or a buzzing fly. 

    A happy medium needs to be found - the setting should feel like a tingling sensation which will not hurt the dog but will get his attention.

  • Demonstrate to your dog that he is able to turn the collar on or off.  When a command is performed correctly during your remote collar  training session, you should immediately deactivate the collar and lavish praise on your dog.

    This process should be repeated for each command. Eventually, you will be able to leave the collar on your dog and keep it turned off. He will respond to commands whether the collar is activated or not.

Remote collar training can be a useful tool for dog trainers, particularly with a large, aggressive dog.  As soon as the dog has shown that his actions have become second nature to him and he is unlikely to regress, the collar may be removed.

Although I am personally opposed to this cruel method of dog training, I feel that it is important that all options are presented on this site.

To learn more about the various dog training collar options, I strongly recommend that you take a look at Secrets to Dog Training. This comprehensive guide provides in-depth information and recommendations for all types of collar training.

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