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Bad Dog Behavior is a
Reflection of Bad Dog Owners

How often have you heard a dog owner yell at his pet for bad dog behavior, when the real problem lies with the handler? It can be very annoying to have a dog jump up on you while you are walking down the street in your own neighborhood.

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Maybe you have a neighbor who has a large dog that chooses to leave "gifts" on your front lawn. So are these bad dogs? They are no more bad than the neighbor's unruly kids. The dogs cannot be blamed for bad behavior if their owners do not act responsibly.

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Dogs need to have boundaries for their behavior both inside and outside of the home. It's wise for inexperienced dog owners to seek the services of a dog trainer so they can learn how to handle the dog correctly without breaking his spirit.

Local vet's offices or pet stores should be able to provide you with the names of some good dog trainers who conduct private or group sessions with the dog and owner. You could also instantly download an online training course to stop the bad behavior right away. My recommended online training course is Secrets to Dog Training.

Teaching dog owners the correct way to handle their dogs is part of the training. Dog trainers have been known to admit that they find it easier to train the dog than the owner! Leash training a dog for walking in public takes practice, starting in the yard or another smaller area.

Barking is a bad dog behavior that annoys both neighbors and owners. However, this is normal communication for a dog so shouting or punishing him is a waste of time and confuses the dog. Dogs will frequently bark because they want attention or food and water.

As dogs are an excellent deterrent for burglars, you probably don't want to completely suppress your dog's barking behavior. Make sure you don't playfully encourage your puppy to bark, then months later, shout at him for barking as an adult dog.

Dog trainers can also train you how to use praise and treats to reinforce positive behavior. It's important for a dog owner to know how to reward his dog so he understands and repeats the desired behavior or stops the bad dog behavior.

It's important to note that you cannot expect dogs to learn behaviors that conflict with their particular breed. If you are looking for certain personality traits, then you should get a dog that can meet your requirements. Good dogs take patience, kindness and persistence but they will be a wonderful member of your family for many years to come.

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