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How to Stop Dog Barking

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The best way to stop dog barking is to first figure out the root cause of the problem. While barking is certainly not as complex as human language, experts now believe that dogs use barking to communicate with humans and other dogs.

A certain amount of barking is normal, but excessive barking is not. Although it is largely dependent upon the breed, there are certain circumstances under which any dog will bark, regardless of its breed.

One of the main reasons dogs bark is to alert you to a perceived danger such as an intruder in your home or the approach of a stranger. In order to stop unnecessary barking, it is important to first understand that not all dog barking should be discouraged.

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The first step in stopping excessive dog barking is to make it clear to your dog that you do not approve of the behavior that he is displaying. One way to stop dog barking is to quickly say “No” and then walk away, ignoring the dog. In order to stop inappropriate barking, it is important for bad behavior not to be rewarded. By the same token, good behavior should be rewarded at the correct time.

Nuisance barking is the most common complaint received by animal services. It is considered a noise ordinance and most cities enforce noise ordinances. Barking is probably the main reason for dog owners seeking dog training advice or even joining formal dog obedience classes. A good way to prevent excessive dog barking is through proper play and exercise.

So your first step is to determine the difference between your dog’s normal barking behavior and excessive or inappropriate barking to get attention, at mealtimes, and barking at everything that moves.

Remember that ignoring your dog’s excessive barking is the best way to stop this annoying behavior. You should never yell to stop your dog from barking as this will only increase your dog's anxiety and fear. He could also think you are barking right alongside him! When using the "Quiet" command to stop your dog from barking, it is important that you remain calm and in control, and don't shout, get excited or make a fuss.

Inappropriate barking is a behavior problem that can escalate into a major issue if not properly understood or managed. However, you don't want to stop barking completely, as this can be an important way for your pet to alert you to danger or discomfort. Understanding why and when your dog barks can help you to figure out how to stop your dog from barking. Once you understand why your dog barks, this will assist you in learning how to prevent excessive barking and help to eliminate the problem.

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To learn more about how to stop this annoying behavior, see Stop Barking Dog (page 2).


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