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Stop Dog From Chewing

Note: This is page 2 on how to stop a dog from chewing. For page 1, go to: Stop Puppy Chewing.

Stop dog from chewingYou're probably here because you are desperate to find out how to stop your dog from chewing your shoes, furniture and everything else in sight.

The need to chew seems to vary from dog to dog. Some dogs chew for the sheer pleasure of the activity; other dogs only feel the need to chew when they are bored.

With a little effort and training on your part, you can stop your dog from chewing and damaging your stuff.

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How to Stop Dog From Chewing 

Here are the main reasons for destructive and inappropriate dog chewing:

The desire to chew is innate to most dogs, especially if the item being chewed tastes good.
The physical act of chewing can be an emotional outlet for a lonely or bored dog. A nervous dog may find chewing to be a soothing activity, somewhat like comfort food is to humans.
A dog that doesn't get enough exercise may use chewing to burn up surplus energy and to have a job to keep him busy.

Before you read on, I want to let you know:

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How To Stop Dog Chewing

  1. First of all, your home needs to be dog-proofed. This means that items that you don't wish to end up in your dog's mouth should be placed well out of his reach. You will need to consider whether your dog will be able to jump, climb, leap, or stand on his hind legs in order to reach the object of his desire.

    Popular chewing targets for dogs include clothing, garbage, shoes, books, eye glasses. They also love small crunchy items such as cell phones, cameras, and remote controls.

    Of course, in order to stop your dog from chewing, all food must be safely placed in the pantry or in containers. Dirty dishes should be rinsed clean before being left in the sink. Food or snacks left on a low surface or even on the kitchen counter will be gobbled up in an instant by your delighted dog.

  2. Stop dogs from learning the pleasure of forbidden chewing. If you are able to stop your dog from chewing your possessions from the get-go, the easier it will be for your dog to comprehend what is expected of him. The more he is able to chew forbidden items, such as chair legs, shoes, a pillow, the more likely your dog will be to target those items again. Until you are sure that your dog has a clear comprehension of the house rules, he should be restricted to a dog-proofed part of the house.

  3. It is important that your dog clearly understands what is his stuff (can be chewed) and your stuff (cannot be chewed). If you offer a dog cast-off shoes, he cannot be expected to know the difference between the one in his mouth that he is allowed to chew and the brand new shoes in the hallway. The same applies to clothing, towels etc.

  4. Stop a dog from chewing by providing him with plenty of enticing alternatives to your prized possessions. Don't forget that most dogs feel the need to chew, particularly puppies and dogs less than three years of age. Shop for doggie toys and chews, giving your dog a maximum of three at any given time. The toys should have different tastes, shapes and textures. Rotating the toys will keep things interesting for your pet.

  5. Spend plenty of time actively supervising your dog. He won't be able to figure out what is expected of him if he in constantly confined to the dog-proofed area. So your dog is able to comprehend what is appropriate and what is not, he will need to be given the chance to explore the limits of your expectations.

  6. When your dog is caught chewing an inappropriate item, you should interrupt him by clapping your hands or making a firm "No!" sound. He should be given an appropriate alternative, such as a chew toy or rawhide bone. As soon as he bites down on it, you should lavish praise on him. This will help your dog to realize that he will be praised for chewing his stuff and inappropriate chewing means trouble for him.

I hope you have found this information useful in figuring out how to stop dog chewing with your own pet. For a comprehensive guide to help you deal with this destructive behavior and other dog training issues, I recommend that you check out Secrets to Dog Training.

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