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How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

Tips to Fix This Annoying Doggie Behavior

Stop your dog from digging 

Tired of Your Dog Digging Up Your Yard?

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This article will give you some useful tips on how to stop your dog from digging up your yard and under your fence. [NOTE: Make sure you grab our free report at the bottom of the page.]

The two main reasons for dog digging are that your pet may be too hot or too cold. When your dog digs a hole and lies in it, his temperature can be self-regulated. Unlike humans, dogs can't remove their clothing or add layers, so they have to come up with other ways to get relief from the weather conditions.

Boredom may be another reason why your dog is digging. A dog that is apart from his master all day can easily become bored. Dogs that are left alone will create their own amusement. Unfortunately, this may be digging!

To stop dogs digging, their behavior needs to be redirected towards other activities. Sometimes all you need to do is provide your dog with a safe digging area where there will be no repercussions. Certain breeds are predisposed to digging. Extra patience will be needed with these breeds in order to stop their digging activities.

The following tips should help to stop your dog from digging up your yard:

  1. Put an unpleasant "present" in the hole dug by your dog. Dogs often start to dig, leave the hole for a while, then return later to resume the digging. While your dog is taking his break from digging, you should put the surprise in the hole. One suggestion is water sprayed with bitter apple, which is available in pet stores.

  2. Another way to stop dogs digging is by filling the holes with waste found in your garden. Dogs prefer to dig in "clean" dirt. Place rocks, sticks, mulch, and dead leaves in the hole and cover it with a light layer of soil. When your dog resumes his digging and discovers these undesirables in his hole, it is likely that he will stop digging. If this doesn't work, fill the hole, spraying the contents with bitter apple. Most dogs dislike the odor and will stop digging in that particular hole.

  3. Provide your dog with a special area where he can safely dig without repercussions. Digging is part of a dog's nature. Training your dog to dig just in that spot may take time but it is possible. Stop your dog from digging in your flower garden by giving him an area where he is free to dig a few holes.

    This could be a sandbox or you could cordon off an area that is not landscaped. If you bury a few dog treats that your dog can find, this will teach him that he is free to dig in that spot. If you have previously scolded him for digging, you may need to give him extra encouragement. Once he realizes that he is allowed to dig in that area, he will be a happy dog.

  4. Once you give your dog his own area in which to dig, you will need to maintain the excitement for him. Every so often, you should bury a toy or treat for him to find. As dogs get bored with digging in the same area, he may decide that another part of your backyard looks more interesting.

    Periodically, the dirt or sand in your dog's designated digging spot should be replaced. Dogs prefer fresh dirt to hard earth. There will also be times when your dog will prefer your flowerbed to his own digging area. Sprinkle your flowerbeds with animal essence, which is used by hunters to attract animals. The smell of other animals may stop your dog digging.

These tips will help to stop your pet from digging in areas other than the designated spots you have assigned to him. Remember that digging is natural for him and he is not being spiteful when he does so.

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