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Stop Puppy Chewing

 Stop puppy chewing
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If you’re trying to stop puppy chewing, you must first understand that chewing is an extremely natural and expected behavior in a puppy. They're going to chew on things, either because they're bored or simply because they're teething.

It’s not a matter of actually stopping that chewing, but redirecting it. You must provide sufficient things for your puppy to do so that he will not want to chew up your rug, slippers, or couch cushions.

Why You Should Stop Puppy Chewing

When a puppy is young, lots of people assume that they can let the dog keep on chewing on whatever he wants. It is natural, right? Or they do the opposite and shout at their puppy, confusing him and creating other behavior problems. In reality, your response ought to be somewhere in the middle, showing the dog that chewing on your things isn't acceptable, but that there are lots of other things that he can chew on.

How to Stop Puppy Chewing

When it comes time to stop your puppy’s chewing behaviors, there are some actions you can take. To start with, you should never openly scold your dog or smack him. No matter how angry you get, be sure you don’t direct it at a puppy. Not only will it confuse him, he will most likely never figure out what he did that was wrong. Rather, consider the following alternatives.

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Behavior Adjustment – Instead of merely trying to stop your puppy from chewing on your things, teach him to chew on the correct things. When you catch your puppy chewing on a slipper, get the puppy’s toy, substitute it then praise your dog once he begins chewing on the new toy. This will teach your puppy that the new item is good and the old one is not.

Keep Your Puppy Busy – To stop your puppy from chewing, you need to keep him from getting too bored. Even when not teething, a puppy will chew to keep busy. It’s similar to reading a book for him. Avoid this by giving him sufficient exercise and playing when you’re home. Any time you’re not home, make sure there are stimulating toys that will keep him active.

Crate Training – If your puppy gets into your things when you’re not home, crate train him so he has limited access to your home. You can even keep your puppy in one room while you’re away to limit his access, however the objective here ought to be the same.

Aversion Sprays – To stop puppies chewing things like carpets or couch cushions, which they can actively destroy, try a safe, humane spray like Bitter Apple or Cayenne Pepper that doesn't taste good to them. They will quickly associate those items with a bad taste which will keep them from chewing there.

Chewing behaviors in a puppy are totally normal, but it should never be directed to your personal property or your fingers. When it is, you must start shifting it to something else.

Being Consistent

If you really want to stop puppy chewing, be certain that you're consistent in all your actions. Don’t let your dog chew on your slipper or a sock if you want him to leave your clothes alone. Do not let him have a stuffed animal as a toy and then count on him to know which stuffed animals aren't appropriate. As the owner, lay down strict rules and adhere to them. Your dog will learn quickly enough and the chewing will be far less of a problem.

To learn more about how to stop puppy chewing, see Stop Dog From Chewing (page 2).


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