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Why Dogs Eat Poop

Why dogs eat poop

If you have ever owned a dog or own one right now, you've probably wondered why dogs eat poop. It is revolting, unappealing, and basically unsafe in lots of ways.

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You have to know that if your dog eats poop, he is not alone. In fact, it is a relatively common behavior, which can cause a great deal of stress for dog owners. Referred to as coprophagia, the eating of poop may be a sign of deeper anxiety or nutritional problems.

Why Dogs Eat Poop

Dogs will eat poop for a variety of reasons. The easiest explanation is that they might be hungry or they may be attempting to clean up their space. If you don't feed your dog adequately or if he is in a filthy pen, he will strive to eliminate these problems, frequently resorting to eating his excrement.

Also, there are health concerns associated with poop eating. A dog may not be getting sufficient nutrients because of parasites or worms that suck the nutrients from his food. He just might not be getting the nutrients he needs from the dry kibble he receives every day.

Some other dogs will eat poop as a nervous habit, or maybe because they have observed you picking it up and are attempting to imitate your behavior in their own way. They could also be mimicking other dogs eating poop.

The main thing to know is that regardless of why dogs eat poop in your home, the issue can be fixed quite easily.

How to Adjust the Behavior

If your dog likes to eat poop, the very first thing you must do is look for any health issues. This is particularly true if your dog never did this previously and has started just lately. Dogs that eat poop on a regular basis may have worms or other parasites or may possibly have insufficient food. Visit your veterinarian to find out why this is happening and then treat it right away.

If your vet gives your dog a clean bill of health, he does not have any other problems that may be a direct cause of the issue, yet he still keeps on doing it, you will have to address whatever other factors may be causing him to eat poop.

Begin by keeping the backyard thoroughly clean of poop. Take away the poop from your backyard each day, examine the paths near your home and pick up any poop your dog deposits. It does not matter why dogs eat poop if it's not a health issue – it is behavioral and is treatable by getting rid of the source of the problem.

Adjusting the Behavior

Then again, you can take other steps to stop the eating. It may be hard to believe that bitter apple and cayenne pepper would taste even worse to a dog than the poop, however they do. Furthermore, if you feed your dog a spoonful of pumpkin puree each day, the poop will taste a lot less appealing to him. You can also squirt him with a water bottle or use a sharp “No!” every time he begins to eat poop.

Ultimately, getting rid of the cause of the problem is the simplest way to resolve your dog’s coprophagia issues, however, if you often take your dog to dog parks or let him off the leash outdoors, you will need to take more advanced actions. Remain consistent, watch him very carefully and of course, do not let him lick your face.

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